You have a knack for taking nice photos. Why not make some money with your talent? You can earn income as a family portrait photographer.

Photographs are important to EVERYONE. Anyone who is married (especially those with kids) want to have family portraits taken every so often. Think of other people’s homes you have been in. A lot of them probably have a family photograph. In fact, the photo they have hanging up may be very old and they are in need of a new one.

If you have a talent for taking nice photos and are good at relating to people, you can earn income as a family photographer. Think of all of the real estate agents that you know. Think of all of the mortgage brokers that you know. Now think of all of the photographers that you know. I am guessing that you came up with a lot more Realtors and mortgage brokers than you did photographers. I am not suggesting that there are not a lot of photographers out there. However, I am guessing that your family and friends are not committed to any particular photographer. Maybe they had their family portrait done at some large photography chain or department store because they didn’t know where else to go. Family Photographer London

As far as your initial investment goes, it is relatively small compared to other businesses. My wife and I bought a low end Digital SLR camera to start. We invested in Photoshop and borrowed a flash from a friend. After making a little money, we sold our camera on eBay and invested in a used higher end camera. The portraits are either taken at the client’s house or at a scenic location, therefore there is no need to own or rent a studio.

When starting out, you can ask your friends and family if you can take some free family photos for them (charge them cost for any pictures that they order). That way you can start building a portfolio. Do a good job and you will get referrals from your family and friends, therefore making it worth your time to do some free work for them.

Get your camera and start earning income as a family portrait photographer. Why not make money doing something that you have a passion for?

This economy is crippling many of us in the middle and lower middle class. My wife supplements our income with family and portrait photography. There are so many opportunities to earn money taking pictures.

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