A pitbull puppy is a dog with a hefty, strong body. These dogs are robust with powerful jaws. Their sturdy physique attracts many people to adopt them. They are energetic, vigorous and love to be around people. Pitbulls can be very loving and friendly and can learn to get along with children very well. Getting a new puppy can be exciting, but if one wants the new friend to feel at home and grows to become a healthy dog, one needs to learn how to care for a puppy right from the start. Some of the things to keep in consideration are:


When one brings the puppy home, one needs to provide for his or her comfort. Having a nice snuggly dog bed and a designated place for him to sleep will help the puppy to acclimate to his surroundings.

Health Care

The first thing that one should do after picking a new pitbull puppy is to contact a local veterinarian to schedule an appointment with him. It is always better to visit a veterinarian and get a physical examination done on the puppy and get him vaccinated. Pitbull puppies need to get vaccinated every three to four weeks, until they are 16 to 20 weeks old, with the first vaccination shot starting at six weeks. Older puppies should be immunized with two sets of shots spaced three to four weeks apart for better protection. During this time the puppy can also be checked for worms and treated accordingly. Pit bull puppiesĀ 


A pitbull puppy has a delicate digestive system, so one needs to be very careful as to what is fed to them. Small amount of rich nutritious food should be fed initially but in accordance to the doctor’s advice. We recommend foods that do not contain corn, soy, or wheat.


It is important to protect the new puppy from getting hurt. Puppies are very curious by nature and they tend to just run about the house and might end up injuring themselves in the process. Also, kids must be told to play with the puppy gently and lovingly.


It is best to start their training as early as possible. The exact age varies but around 3-4 weeks old is appropriate. Without giving them dedicated attention and careful training their natural aggression may surface and it might become harder to train them as they grow. One could start with the basics and essentials so that the pitbull puppy can understand basic commands, right and wrong tone of voice. If one can start training the puppy just a little bit in this way from an early age then all future training efforts will be much easier.

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