We have heard it all said about the benefits or goodness of yoghurt as it contains the friendly bacteria which are critically vital as they help our bodies to fight infection. The friendly bacteria attack and fights infection. They in fact attack and destroy the bad bacteria that cause food poisoning and also allowing the gut to absorb other vital nutrients efficiently. Yoghurt indeed has many health benefits and is also useful in preventing yeast infections that cause itching, burning and other uncomfortable symptoms. Live yoghurt may help in reducing blood cholesterol levels and therefore recommended to be eaten often to increase beneficial bacteria mostly following a course of antibiotics. As a food yoghurt it is a rich source of protein and all of the vitamins and minerals found in milk. n95 mask for sale

The bacteria synthesize B vitamins, biotin, folic acid and vitamin B12 which is good for those who suffer from depression as it aids that. Vitamin B12 also increases the absorption of calcium, as we know that calcium is essential for human life, it makes up bones and teeth and also crucial for messages to be conducted along the nerves. It again ensures that our muscles contract and our hearts beat and among other things it is extremely vital in the maintenance of the immune system. Yoghurt helps increase the absorption of magnesium as it is very important for every biochemical process in our bodies including metabolism and the synthesis of nucleic acids and protein.

Taking yoghurt regularly goes a long way regarding our health and it provides an alternative for those who cannot tolerate the lactose in milk.To revitalise your skin even though yoghurt does part of this internally, here is something you can make as a face mask and what you need is two capsules evening primrose oil, one teaspoon honey, three tablespoons live yoghurt, two vitamin E oil capsules and 30g(1oz) potato flour. Then take the oil from the capsules and combine in a bowl with other ingredients, you can add a bit more flour for a desired consistency. Now it is all done and ready to be applied. It is ideal when applied to leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes then wash off and pat dry. Well this can be repeated each evening to get much better results and your skin will thank you.

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