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SHANGHAI JUNLI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.Is a professional plastic pallets, blow molding pallets, plastic card board boxes, plastic crates, plastic logistic containers, plastic turnover baskets, plastic bins and other plastic products development, production and sales as one of the manufacturers, junli plastic industry through years of development, China's plastic pallets of professional manufacturers, Chinese plastic pallet-known brands, the company continued to absorb the introduction of international advanced technology, new equipment, improve production technology and testing equipment, expanding production scale, steady improvement of product quality and dedication to customer to provide quality products and reliable service. The company has produced plastic pallet product technical indicators in line with GB / T15234-94 national standard plastic pallet.
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SHANGHAI JUNLI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.Uphold honesty, quality first corporate purposes, and always adhere to good products, reliable quality, comprehensive after sales service for the development, in order to win customers trust the brand brand building objectives, and vigorously promote unity, progressive, truth-seeking, dedication of the entrepreneurial spirit, established a scientific management, innovation, harmonious culture, efficient operation of the business philosophy, continue to adhere to the more perfect products, more new ideas, more scientific management and better quality of service and dedication to each provide customers more satisfied with the products, and gradually formed a distinctive corporate culture.

SHANGHAI JUNLI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.We have a strong production capacity and professional logistics and distribution centers, to ensure that every customer in the shortest possible time on the use of high-quality products, the company's production of plastic pallets include: light series, nine feet series, word series Sichuan, swastika series, double-sided series, five series, more than 300 kinds of size specifications, widely used in food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, automotive, paper, printing, electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals, clothing, textiles, warehousing, logistics and other industries.

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